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Scars on the skin are quite common and are caused due to many different factors. Regardless of Whether you have them from teen acne or a surgery, it leaves you insecure about[...]

The Best Stretch Mark Cream

With so many stretch mark creams on the market how do you know which is the best stretch mark cream for you. It can be difficult to sort through all the information and marketing propaganda to find something that will actually work.
What Are Stretch Marks?

To find the best cream for stretch marks, it’s important to know a little about stretch marks, what they are and how they are formed, first. Stretch marks are small scars caused by tearing in the dermis, or middle layer, of the skin. This tearing is generally caused when the skin is stretched due to pregnancy, weight gain, muscle gain or puberty. Hormones present during these times also influence the development of stretch marks.

These hormones affect the formation of stretch marks in the skin by preventing the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are needed to support[...]

Natural Stretch Mark Remedies

Stretch mark is a common phenomenon associated with periods of hormonal flux. Rapid weight gain during those periods pulls the elastic fibers located beneath the epidermis and disrupts the normal production of the collagen protein make-up of the fibers, resulting in fine lines on the skin, called stretch marks.

It is medically termed as striae gravidarum. Both men and women can have stretch marks but women are more susceptible to the development of these marks. Puberty and pregnancy result in a rapid onset of stretch marks.

Initially, it may be reddish, but gradually the red hue changes to white – prompting you to go in search of a stretch mark removal solution. They may be indented and may have a texture that differs from the surrounding skin. Hips, thighs, breasts, buttocks, umbilicus, abdomen, arms[...]