Natural Stretch Mark Remedies

Stretch mark is a common phenomenon associated with periods of hormonal flux. Rapid weight gain during those periods pulls the elastic fibers located beneath the epidermis and disrupts the normal production of the collagen protein make-up of the fibers, resulting in fine lines on the skin, called stretch marks.

It is medically termed as striae gravidarum. Both men and women can have stretch marks but women are more susceptible to the development of these marks. Puberty and pregnancy result in a rapid onset of stretch marks.

Initially, it may be reddish, but gradually the red hue changes to white – prompting you to go in search of a stretch mark removal solution. They may be indented and may have a texture that differs from the surrounding skin. Hips, thighs, breasts, buttocks, umbilicus, abdomen, arms etc.

The main causes of these marks may be listed as follows:

  • Pregnancy. In most of the cases stretch marks have seen after pregnancy.
  • Obesity. Excess obesity may cause this problem.
  • Natural process of growth.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Heredity.
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
  • Prolonged intake of high doses of oral corticosteroids.
  • Usage of steroid containing skin creams/ointments for a long time.

Below are some natural remedies for stretch marks which you should know:

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is identified for ages as an excellent skin moisturizer as well as employed in stopping and removing stretch marks. This plant has healing properties that assist scars in healing.

Aloe Vera lotion promotes skin cells development and repair since it prevents infection, reduces inflammation, and provides discomfort relief.

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is yet another effective organic remedy on how to eliminate stretch marks. It is really lubricating and very easily soaks in to get to the deeper layers of skin to eliminate stubborn scars.
You can observe noticeable results in only a month if you keep using cocoa butter into the skin. Massaging it into the skin is the only thing that must be done.

Massage Therapy: There are essential oils that have vitamins and minerals that could repair the damage in the epidermis. The flow of blood to the surface of the skin improves when massaging techniques are made use of appropriately.

This will allow also the vitamins and minerals from the oil to reach the deeper layer of the epidermis. By way of massage, you can be assured that your skin’s scar tissues will be eliminated. Furthermore, this can also break sown the fat.

Natural Cream
Stretch mark creams aren’t only accessible as synthetic products due to the fact you can find a great deal of them in the market which might be made of all-natural ingredients.
When these creams are utilized, elasticity from the skin is restored and renewed speedily. Individuals can choose amongst the many lotions, gels, and creams for them to take away that ugly marks. It is far better in the event the all-natural product has the following ingredients – rose hip oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, and vitamins A, C, and E to ensure that it is successful to use.

Skin difficulties like stretch marks might be reduced with frequent skin exfoliation. Tea tree oil is amongst the commonly-used exfoliating agents that needs to be applied frequently in order to treat the unsightly marks. With this, thin layers of skin are removed, hence smoothening out scar tissues and providing you a refreshing glow.

In conclusion, you need to know all these natural remedies for stretch marks in order to get rid of them completely without causing any harm to your body.

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